BARAM is an OpenFOAM®-based CFD program package for compressible and incompressible flow and heat transfer analysis. It is an open source program released by NEXTform under the GNU GPL license. BARAM uses solvers developed by NEXTfoam, which has improved the performance of the standard solvers.

OpenFOAM® has the great advantage of being an open source. But there are some shortcuts in using it because it is based on the Linux OS and command-line interface. Generating mesh and setting boundary/analysis conditions in text user interface is very cumbersome for users who have used existing commercial CFD programs. BARAM was developed to improve these shortcuts of OpenFOAM®.

BARAM is an OpenFOAM® based program package that includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It includes utilities related to pre/post-processing provided by OpenFOAM®, and can be post-processed using its own post-processor and ParaView. Since BARAM was developed with consideration of extensibility to support various analysis modules, it is easy to add OpenFOAM® solvers and utilities, and it is possible to create modified package as you want.


BARAM-v6.4 Release Note

  • Add Species transport solver
    • Steady speciesSimpleNFoam
    • Unsteady speciesSimpleNFoam
    • Only available for energy equation calculations
    • Density is always calculated as perfect Gas.
    • Mass diffusivity uses only one value.
  • Add Multi region solver
    • Steady chtMultiResionSimpleNFoam
    • Unsteady chtMultiResionPimpleNFoam
  • Add Compressive solver (PCNFoam)
    • speciesPCNFoam +chmeical species
    • Kurganov-Tadmor flux scheme
    • Added atmospheric layer tutorials
  • Add Multi phase solver
    • VOF model - interNFoam
    • Cavitation solver - interPhaseChangeNFoam/interPhaseChangeDyMNFoam
  • Add Axial symmetry, 2D grid generation function
    • After generating a cfMesh 2D grid, convert it into an axis symmetric grid using extrudeMesh
  • Add Cell zone condition, Change the source term setting method and expand the function
    • multi slidingMesh zone
    • fixedVelocity
    • actuator dist
    • Add source to cellZone with Add source function
    • Add time dependent source term function
      (polynomial, piecewise linear, csv file)
  • Add Boundary conditon
    • profile boundary condition
    • time dependant boundary condition
    • fan
    • freestream
    • openChannelFlowRateInlet, openChannelFlowRateOutlet
  • Add Solver run options
    • Initialize Option (potentialFoam, setFields, mapFields)
    • Passive scalar Option (on/off, only scalar)
    • Add steady/unsteady linkage calculation function
    • Add prameter setup (After setting the speed, pressure, and temperature analysis ranges, the calculation proceeds sequentially)
  • Add Numerical analysis method setting option
  • Add/modify monitoring and data extraction functions
  • ETC
    • Add Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model
    • Change the boundary highlight method at boundary condition
    • Add total pressure field generation function - Create fields' menu
    • Modify reconstructPar menu
    • Add all boundary selection/deselection function at ‘Patch display’
    • Add OpenFOAM guide at ‘Help’ menu: openfoam applications & libraries using in BARAM
    • Delete terminal
    • Modify bug
  • Add a tutorial
    • Homepage tutorial page update
    • HVAC – Air age calculration
    • Mixing pipe - Species transport
    • Hot bar - Conjugate heat transfer
    • Weir - VOF
    • Cavitation - NACA66 hydrofoil validation
    • Incompressible flow - AOA sweep
    • Axisymmetric Supersonic Nozzle
    • Wegley, KCS – VOF, Ship Resistance
  • Notes
    • BARAM-v6.4 Supported OS: Ubuntu, CentOS
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