1. Development Of User-Customized CFD S/W (DIY CFD)

We develop and supply CFD codes and User Interface specialized for customer’s needs about their products or processes.

Development Procedures

Development Cases

Aerodynamic Analysis, Ship Resistance Analysis, Virus Diffusion Prediction Of Infectious Disease In Domestic Animals, SCR, Tunnel Fire, Pumps, Fans, Water Tanks...

2. CFD Analysis Consulting Services

In various engineering problems, we analyze the heat transfer and flow behaviors using CFD and suggest a solution.

* By providing the source codes of the solver used for the analysis and the analysis-related files, the client can simulate more problems after completing the assignment.

3. OpenFOAM® Consulting

1. OpenFOAM® Training

2. BMT

3. Technical Support

4. Supply HPC System and OpenFOAM® Installation Services